Hey, good news.

Michelle Obama is still as awful as ever.

Take a look.

From CNN:

In an interview in London for her new memoir “Becoming,” former First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a stinging assessment of the state of American politics and, specifically, of President Donald Trump. Said Obama:

“We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled. Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.”

Wow, she has learned NOTHING.

Way to crap all over single dads all across the country, Michelle.

Even the Left called her out for this crap.

Not at all.

Of course they would. It would be their chyron for a week.

That would be nice, right?


She should be ashamed.

When Democrats show you who they are, belive them.


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