This may well be the most Alyssa Milano tweet EVER. Telling her followers that Democrats are going to give them bigger paychecks by using the government to make it happen.

GOOD NEWS, the government is going to give you more money …


Alyssa knows this is ridiculous, right?

#EqualPay has been the law since the 60s.

#FightFor15 is putting companies out of business.

Green jobs? HA HA HA HA

Oh, our sides. And we thought the tax thing was hilarious.


THAT’S right, even Democrats didn’t vote for the Green New Deal.


But hey, Democrats will save the day!

Gosh, when you put it like that they really have sucked in a big way lately.

Sounds like a winner!

True story.

And yes, the editor wrote about Alyssa twice today … guess we’re just making a point about that whole BLOCKING Twitchy thing.

Petty. Yes. But hilarious.


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