Now, THIS is funny.

We get what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Josh Harder are trying to do here, they’re acting like Betsy DeVos is trying to hurt THE CHILDREN. But really all they’re actually doing is admitting the federal government has zero business in public education.

Only 1/3 of American school kids in public ed can read at their grade level.

Way to go, public school.

Yes, AOC, and that’s why public education is all fail.

Thanks for admitting it.

Wait, you mean the federal govt. isn’t the answer to all our problems?! GET OUTTA HERE.

That’s always their solution, throw money at it.

Gotta love the Left and their undying loyalty to raising taxes and giving the government more power.



Democrats just want to make Betsy the villain here because Trump appointed her.

That’s it.

And AOC just made the argument for us.

Hey, thanks, Sandy!


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