Full transparency, this editor had never heard of Don Winslow until this morning but apparently, he’s some author who thinks he has the power to threaten and bully publishers about which authors they decide to publish.

Doncha love it when a privileged white guy goes out of his way to silence a woman?

Good times.

An author claiming he’s using free speech to silence the free speech of another.


Perhaps Don should rethink this threat because let’s face it, this is a threat. What if a bunch of Conservatives and Republicans decided to do the same to him? And from Tweeps’ reactions to his tweet, this could be problematic for him … he might want to buckle up.

It does indeed.


Let’s hope his editor is a better writer than he is.

Womp womp, Don.


Literally. Shaking.

He should write a book about it.

Incredible and yet totally predictable.


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