Well, well, well, whaddya know? Our friendly neighborhood ‘conservative blogger’, Jennifer Rubin, is fangirling over Stacey Abrams.

We wish we could say this is shocking but at this point … eh.

From the Washington Post (behind a paywall, as usual):

Abrams is one of the most effective communicators in politics today because she has complete command of the facts. She is emphatic, often witty (“I was the first African American woman to ever have the opportunity, and I came this close. I mean, it’s a great narrative, if you like tragedies”) and impassioned. She doesn’t yell or gesticulate for effect; her emotion comes from the compelling story she tells.

She does not smear or name call, but her narrative leaves no doubt as to the motives for the suppression architecture. “What has happened is that you have a new American majority that is largely comprised of people of color, millennials and Gen Z, unmarried white women, and progressives across the country of good conscience regardless of race who have all aligned themselves on the side of certain issues. And the only way to stop those issues from gaining primacy and gaining voice is voter suppression.” In other words, Republicans are trying to hang on as long as possible to a diminishing demographic so they need to whip up the white vote and make it extraordinarily difficult for nonwhites and the poor to vote.

Sooo … when does Jenn admit she’s not a conservative anymore and just officially switch teams? C’MON, nobody buys her schtick unless we’re talking about other peeps who should probably admit they’re playing for the ‘other team’ now as well, like Bill Kristol and Tom Nichols.

Wow, look at Stacey’s mastery of facts. It’s truly awe-inspiring.

We giggled.

How long ya’ got?

Yup, totally made that exact face.

This. ^

But orange man bad!

Man, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a helluva drug.


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