Sounds like Rep. Eric Swalwell is planning a ‘catch-up’ so he can tell the locals he represents about his ‘big and bold’ vision for the East Bay.

And for America.

We’re still not completely convinced the guy isn’t going to announce he’s running for president …

As the kids say.


He’s so EDGY.

A fellow progressive made him a bet about the event.



And ‘squelch,’ really?

We think he meant welsh but hey, what do we know?

Oh boy.

We are so keeping on eye on this.

Unless of course, it’s an Apil Fools thing OR a plant to get a bunch of people to attend.

It ain’t easy being a Twitchy editor on this freakin’ ‘holiday’, just sayin’.

Gettin’ rough up in here.


Them’s fightin’ words!


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