Chris Rock was brutally honest about Jussie Smollett at the NAACP awards last night, saying the actor who faked a hate crime and was magically cleared of all charges would get no respect from him. Talk about going into the lion’s den and throwing down the gauntlet …


Chris nailed it.

Let’s hear it for Gen X!


The ‘OGs’ know how comedy is supposed to work, and that the only way comedy survives is by being honest about everything, even those things that might make us uncomfortable. And people who get more offended over Chris calling Jussie out than they are about the actor making a mockery of real hate crimes and then suffering zero consequences for it can have a nice, refreshing glass of STFU juice.


True story.

One guess on how the Left is dealing with Chris’ comments …


Because EVERYONE IS OFFENDED all of the time. That’s the new thing in 2019 …

Yes, he ‘let’ them say it.

It wasn’t just jokes, it was the reality of Jussie faking a hate crime and making it harder for people who truly do suffer through a hate crime to be taken seriously. But we digress.

How dare people have a sense of humor about anything these days.

The nerve.

He’s the real OG.


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