You’d think after the mess the mainstream media made of the Trump/Russia story, outlets like USA Today would be bending over backward trying to apologize, correct the story, and acknowledge the outlets who GOT IT RIGHT the first time.

But as we’ve seen from CNN and others, their egos are far more important than the story or even their readers.

What USA Today pulled with The Federalist is just unbelievable:

From Margot Cleveland at The Federalist:

When news broke on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had submitted his report on the Russia-collusion investigation to Attorney General William Barr, and that no further charges would be forthcoming, I penned an op-ed and submitted it to USA Today, which had published my work several times, including as recently as last November.

USA Today first solicited an op-ed from me on my analysis of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in October 2018. While I typically write for conservative-leaning publications, I purposefully seek out mainstream outlets on occasion, hoping to bring some balance to the news diets of media organizations, which tend to lean left.

This is where it goes off the rails:

Then came a shocker from Mastio: USA Today had instead decided to reject the submission because I cited The Federalist and National Review.

“Going forward, assertions of fact need to be backed up with mainstream media sources or original documents,” Mastio wrote. “Links to National Review or [T]he Federalist (or similar sites on the left) are not reliable.”



Someone is scared of The Federalist. They should be.

Stay classy, USA Today.



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