Just because some Republicans might be angry with Trump for how he’s been behaving and talking about Senator John McCain that doesn’t mean they’ve completely lost their minds and will vote for the party that wants to do away with the Electoral College, trample the Second, open the borders, and tax the ever-loving crap out of Americans. Yeah, we get it, Democrats will pander for votes at any cost but this was pretty shameless even for them.

Really dude? Yeah, thanks but no thanks, Brian.

Seriously, THIS is why we call him ‘Shatz-For-Brains’.

Then again, he did admit we’re a Republic which is unheard of from a Democrat.

The Democratic platform is troubling at best, literally damaging to this country at worst.

Besides, Democrats don’t Republicans voting with them anyway.

Stop legitimizing low taxes, Americans going back to work, and a thriving economy, you monster!

They do realize Obama started the cage thing, right?

You know what, never mind.

Thank you NEXT.

Hard pass.


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