Truth be told, we didn’t think it was possible for Brian Stelter to make a bigger doorknob of himself and yet here we are. Hey, we cover a lot of doorknobs and Bri is well and truly one of the biggest ones out there.

He should be proud.


Watch how he all but bows to Dan Rather …

No president has ever had this kind of reach? Really Dan? Were these people asleep when Obama was president?

Brit Hume nailed them both and he used Brian’s own words to do so:

Iconic broadcaster.

Dude lost his job for pushing fake news, he is LITERALLY the father of the fake news movement, and Tater called him iconic.

That tells us everything we ever needed to know about both of them.

Grandfather of fake news works too.

HA! Great parody.

True story.

Have we mentioned snarky Brit really is our favorite?


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