This editor actually had a request from several of our readers to do another piece with Sean Spicier’s tweets. Granted, we’ve been covering our favorite parody account for years now (crazy how time flies, right?) but he/she just seems to get more and more popular.

We thought for sure when Sean Spicer was no longer Trump’s press secretary that people would figure out this account is not him (or at least stop caring) and yet here we are writing about more people screaming at the parody as if he were the real deal.

And we’re still laughing at them.

Good times.

Like his tweet on Jussie Smollett:

Watching the Left screech at Sean Spicier never gets old.

And the LANGUAGE from some of these people … sheesh!

Who could forget the many National Emergencies ol’ Bubba Clinton declared, right?


Our eyes.

If you’re drinking ANYTHING while reading this article now would be a good time to put it down.


Now, we’re only guessing that this tweet is about Kamala Harris but still … it sure sounds like her.

Hilarious, someone telling a parody his 15 minutes are up.

And speaking of hilarious, people are angrier at Sean for explaining how to NOT have Native American jokes told about you than they are about someone actually lying about being a Native American.

Those nutty Lefties.


Alrighty then.


These people seriously need some new material.



See what we mean?!

*our eyes, again*

We see what he did here.

Oh, and one left over from the Ralph Northam ‘blackface’ incident which seems to have magically disappeared:

Ain’t that the truth?


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