Robert Reich doesn’t seem to care much for billionaires.


That this guy is not only a Berkeley professor but was also Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor may be the funniest damn thing we’ve seen today, and we cover Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pretty regularly so you KNOW this is funny.

Maybe he’s basing this tweet on what he knows about the Clintons?

Huh, sounds a LOT like the Clintons.

But dude. C’mon.

You not only worked for Clinton, but Obama, Ford, and Carter as well.

Sit down.

But Billionaires BAD.

We get it, he’s trying to pretend we shouldn’t be outraged that Democrats want to tax the evil billionaires at 70% because well, they’re evil. But he leaves out the point that they could tax these billionaires at 100% and it still wouldn’t cover their gross spending, and that eventually when the billionaires go broke, the government will come for the rest of us.

It’s never enough when your government is as bloated as ours is right now.

Let the force be with him.

Which one DIDN’T he do?

Berekely professor … that should answer this question.

Yeah, Bob.


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