Max Boot wrote an entire article about how he was in the eye of the social media hurricane earlier this week. In other words, Max ticked a lot of people off on Twitter with something he wrote and instead of trying to figure out why they’re angry with him (and correcting it), he wrote another story about how he was the victim of the mob.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

Seems people thought Max was advocating for some sort of genocide?


From WaPo:

On Wednesday afternoon, I was the target for a few hours after I published a Post column arguing that, while we can’t win the wars in Afghanistan or Syria, we can lose them by pulling out prematurely. “In fighting these insurgents, the United States needs to eschew its big war mindset. …,” I wrote. “We need to think of these deployments in much the same way as we thought of our Indian Wars, which lasted roughly 300 years (ca. 1600-1890), or as the British thought about their deployment on the Northwest Frontier (today’s Pakistan-Afghanistan border), which lasted 100 years (1840s-1940s).” To get the word out about my column, I tweeted a link to it along with an abbreviated version of the sentence about the Indian Wars.

Big mistake. I was instantly deluged by Twitter attacks, mostly from progressive journalists and academics, accusing me of advocating racism and genocide. As one professor wrote: “Max Boot wants genocidal war to be our model.” In the next few hours, this “hot take” was endlessly retweeted. It was, to be sure, only a tiny Twitter storm compared to the Category 5 social-media hurricane set off by the clash on the Mall, but when the rain cloud is directly over your head, you’re still getting soaked.

Welcome to the party, pal!

Tweeps on the Left called BS on his claim that he was in a social media hurricane (sheesh, so dramatic):

Have fun with that, Max.

Max responded:


This is … hilarious.


Will do.

SouthPaw continued:


We don’t disagree.

Nah, just him.



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