So our sweet, rational, melodramatic friends on the Left have gone from screeching about climate change to crying about the CLIMATE CRISIS.

Guessing the word, ‘change’ wasn’t getting the freak-out reaction they were hoping for so they’ve kicked it up a notch to make it a CRISIS. And of course, the only way to really address our ‘climate crisis’ is to push women to have abortions.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t say it, the unibrowed chick on this panel with Bernie Sanders did – watch:

Wait, that chick’s a dude?

No way.

See, this is what happens when you assume gender, our bad.

Interesting how feminists aren’t screeching at this guy (ok, so we THINK it’s a guy) about mansplaining their reproductive rights. Suppose they’re ok with a man talking about abortion as long as they support it.

Nuttier than a squirrel’s BM, yup.

This tweet is exceptional.


You’re welcome.


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