Goodness, David Hogg has really embraced his Leftist talking points, he’s suggesting Congress place a federal tax on gun sales to fund gun violence research. Good ol’ Democrats and their, ‘Hey, new taxes totally kick butt,’ garbage.

With this attitude, David should go far with the Left …

Kyle Kashuv popped up to explain to David why his idea was dumb. Of course, Kyle did it much more nicely than we did:

Democrats never seem to understand that taxing things more hurts everyone, especially the poor. But hey, as long as they can somehow punish legal gun owners, even those poor ones trying to defend their families, that’s a win for gun grabbers like our friend David here.

All of that being said, nothing could have prepared this editor for the tweet that Kyle and David inspired from this random person on Twitter (or rando). Note, we normally will not drag a rando BUT this is a ratio unlike any ratio we’ve seen before.

So here we are.


So is ‘Kimberly’ saying poor people are too dumb to have a gun? Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations on display, sheesh.


‘She’ didn’t say it just once …

But twice.

Guess she really wanted to make sure Kyle saw her ridiculous tweet.


Twitter, never change.


Wait, what?

She seems to have deleted the tweet and is now telling people it was sarcasm …

And she told us over and over again.

Hey, if she says so.


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