We get what Qasim Rashid, Esq. was trying to do here, and that was basically claiming that Trump had somehow ‘gassed’ the people at the border. Forget that agents only used tear gas after the ‘asylum seekers’ had thrown rocks at them while hiding behind women and children; Trump is literally Hitler ya’ know.

Pretty sure tear gas is different than the gas Mussolini and Hitler used but hey, he had a point to make.

And that point was ‘Orange man BAD!’

Tear gas is a chemical weapon?

No sh*t.

EL OH EL. Using Politifact as your source … oh man.

Hey, Politifact says so.


That being said, Rashid won’t let a little thing like reality get in the way of his narrative. And hey, if we’re going to let that narrative go then we might as well include the other American leader who gassed people … you know, Obama.

Freakin’ Obama, always doing things before Trump.


Quiet you. There is no room for facts when someone is virtue signaling THIS hard.


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