CNN interviewed the Chief Patrol Agent, San Diego Sector Border Control about their decision to use tear gas on the ‘asylum seekers’ at the border and well, it’s pretty safe to say the interview didn’t go the way they planned.


‘If they were truly asylum seekers they would have walked up and surrendered, this did not happen.’

CNN tried super hard to make this about Trump and blame America for the mess at the border, but the Chief wasn’t having it, no matter how many times this guy tried to rephrase his question to get the answer he wanted.

Womp womp.

How sad, CNN.

And wow, he really really really tried to make this something it’s not.

WOW. They pushed the women and children up front so they could throw rocks at the agents from behind them.

But tell us more about how they’re peaceful refugees seeking asylum.


That could work for CNN.


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