A Twitter without Instapundit is like a ship with no sail.

Ok, fine, that’s super melodramatic but this stinks. As Twitchy readers know, mouthy but informative (and doggone it, highly entertaining) Conservative pundit, Jesse Kelly, was magically and permanently suspended yesterday due to the dreaded ‘multiple violations’ excuse that Twitter uses when they can’t really explain why the account is suspended but it sounds better than, ‘Because we felt like it.’

Typically it means the person was spam or mass reported … not that this editor has any experience with that.


Anywho,  Instapundit aka Glenn Reynolds deactivated his very popular account in protest of Twitter’s recent banning frenzy of Conservatives:

Twitter Gone WILD!

But Jack assured everyone they don’t block accounts based on content or ideas.

He promised even.


Insty gave a bit more detail as to why he deactivated:

Like we said above, this stinks.


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