Imagine the level of self-centered harpy one has to be to view motherhood in this light. So not only did The Guardian write a ridiculous piece that focuses on how horrible it is to be a mom (which is a lie) but NARAL our friendly neighborhood pro-aborts shared it.

What the Hell is wrong with these women?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Because the most important part of having a child is that they have your last name.


From The Guardian:

I don’t mind babies, but I don’t long for one. The world promised me this longing would arrive one day, like a package on my doorstep, but what I long for is a second book contract and protracted stretches of time alone. I’m beginning to think this promise was – not a lie, exactly – but the culture’s way of distracting me from all the non-gestational things I’d like to be doing.

Someone get the tiny violins …

The New York Times tells me costs of motherhood are on the rise, but we aren’t talking about the costs of conception: not just the enormous expense of fertility treatments, but the costs of missing work for frequent doctor appointments, the physical toll of hormone treatments and invasive procedures, and the ordinary effort of planning sex on the right day while making it seem fun and spontaneous. We have to plan, conceive, carry and labor to make babies who, chances are, won’t even have our last names. Of course women are less eager to have children than their partners are; the costs – to our bodies, our careers, our finances – are just so much higher.

Awful, right? Clueless about what being a mom really is all about …


And no one is surprised pro-aborts made having a child all about them and not the child.

It is pretty damn cool.

Now now, talking about pregnancy and a motherhood in a positive light contradicts NARAL’s whole pro-abort, pro-death agenda, and they can’t have that.


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