Every day it becomes clearer and clearer that when President Trump called this guy ‘Rep. Adam Schitt’ HE MEANT TO. Oh, we know, the mature thing is to push it off as a typo but c’mon, with tweets like this one from Schiff we’re thinking Trump’s nickname is most appropriate.

Holy Hell, where do we even START with this tweet? Perhaps with reality, and the reality of Schiff is that he’s just a guy who conned a bunch of Californians into voting for him (which let’s face it isn’t hard if you’re a Democrat). He’s not the superhero he wants everyone to believe he is.

He’s just a politician.

Not to mention, he does realize he’s basically describing Obama, right?

Oh, and we’re NOT A DEMOCRACY.

What she said.

Man, that Resistance crowd is TOUGH, eh Schitt? Err … Schiff.

Quiet you, Schiff is busy speaking so he can listen to himself talk.


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