Look carefully at this ‘photo’ of the first Thanksgiving … see the slightly balding gentleman in the fancy duds standing to the left of the Native American taking a piece of turkey from the pilgrim chick?

That’s what they were called, pilgrim chicks. It’s History.

See him? YAAAS there’s Sen. Hatch right there! He even wrote his lovely wife Elaine a letter about the first Thanksgiving.

We knew he was old but WOW, right?

Admit it, this was awesome.

Whoever is doing Orrin’s social media deserves a raise, truly, although part of us would love to think Orrin himself is writing the tweets but … yeah, probably not.

He won Thanksgiving Twitter, hands down.


So well-played in fact that the usual suspects who crap on anything and everything patriotic showed up to shame the senator for his tweets:

Lighten up, Francis

Ugh, get a sense of humor.

Maybe try and get that stick out of yer backside.

Just sayin’.

Guess it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a bunch of guilt and shame from our dear friends on the Left. *sigh*

That being said, we here at Twitchy hope you all had a wonderful, shame-free day with your families and friends. We are so thankful for each and every one of you, even the cranks up there who have to poo-poo on pretty much everything. -Ed.


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