For whatever reason, there is an ocean of blue-checks out there who have their britches all sorts of bunched up because the majority of top stories on Facebook are being written by Conservative sites.

Forget that these numbers are driven by the people who want to read said stories … our friendly blue-check brigade just can’t deal with it.

Like Nate Silver for example:

OR maybe Facebook is finally trying to make sure all viewpoints have a place on their platform …

Man, Nate, this was so elitist and awful.

Hence the blue check.

Ben Shapiro spoke up:


We’d LOVE to see Ben interview Nate. #MakeThisHappen

Notice Ben’s support for Nate’s work and yet he can still see his statement was absurd.

Dude is so good at this. Heh.

Facebook has been ‘shifting algorithms’ on the Right for years, and now that we have a fair shake on the social media giant, our friends on the Left are cranky.


Sad, ain’t it?

We do we do!

But that was ok because Obama was all about that hope and change and stuff.


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