Paul Krugman made fun of President Trump for being afraid for his life when visiting a combat zone. Granted, this tidbit came from an unnamed ‘former senior White House official’ who may or may not even exist but hey, Krugman couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint Trump as a coward.

Umm maybe Krugman missed it but it’s not a stretch to say Trump is right about psychos wishing him harm (see further down in this story).

Stay classy, Krugman.

Nah, he’s too busy dunking on Trump for fearing for his life.

And if you want to see classy, just look at the vile garbage on this thread:

These people.

Troops are booing him? Yeah, no.

You know she’s fun at birthday parties.

Oh, look, an actual threat.

Another threat.

And another threat.

Color us shocked.

Another threat.

And they wonder why we refuse to give up our guns.

Fascinating how they don’t understand their very behavior is part of the reason Trump fears for his life.

Progressives. *eye roll*

Side note: Krugman needs to stop trying to ruin Monty Python for this editor. Seriously.


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