Michael Avenatti is using a story quoting Cenk Uygur to prove that TMZ did him wrong.

Because you know, that totally makes sense.

Yes, it’s all a plot because Trump is super scared of Michael or something.

Don’t make that face.

From Mediaite:

The original story, however, was mistakenly reported by TMZ that Avenatti had committed domestic violence against his estranged wife. That was proven untrue when Lisa Storie-Avenatti released a statement to defend Avenatti.

“It’s unclear what’s really going on,” Ana Kasparian said as she discussed the known details of the story, “the original story was reported by TMZ. Harvey Levin who runs TMZ is a huge Trump supporter…that’s not to say that there was malicious intent.”

“TMZ usually has videos. Did they have a video on this one?” Cenk Uygur said, “why are we listening to TMZ? Don’t listen to any Trump allies, they’re total liars.”

“Clear, biased, Trump supporting clown,” Uygur added.

Well gosh, if Cenk says so.

And didn’t they update the story and changed that it was another woman other than his second ex-wife?

But we thought he was going after Jacob Wahl? Which is it? TMZ or Jacob Wahl? Or is it RUSSIA?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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