Democrats don’t like people thinking for themselves.

It’s the truth.

Take Pam Keith for example, who lost her own primary in August of this year, telling ‘Blue State Dems’ to invade red states and turn them blue.

Just freakin’ wow.

The nerve of these people. What’s especially hilarious about her tweet is the very things she claims as incentives for moving to red states would go bye-bye if Democrats run them. C’mon, the reason there are wide open spaces and a low cost of living is because of those evil red-state policies.

And if she thinks they can all migrate there like a bunch of nasty locusts and take over, we’re pretty sure she is clueless about the people who live in red states already.

Luckily those blue state Dems can’t deal with ‘close-minded red states’:

Can you believe this crap?

Amish approach.


Forget that Utah is ranked third in the nation for education …

Ooh, ooh, we know!


Only. EL OH EL. She does realize that if Democrats leave their blue states to try and take over red states that ultimately more people could vote red and turn blue states red, right? Eh, she’s a Democrat, math may not be her strong point.


HA! Annnnd we’re done here.


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