Even people who aren’t exactly fans of Tucker Carlson have got to be feeling somewhat sorry for the pundit and his family at this point. Between the attack on his home and his wife last week and this incident involving his 19-year-old daughter, it’s time to start calling this behavior out.

Carlson shared what happened on Twitter. (WARNING, the language in this write-up is mature):

Tucker has WAY MORE restraint than this editor because if this had been her daughter … grrrr.

Oh, and here’s the kicker, the guy who called Carlson’s daughter those names? He hired Michael Avenatti.

OMG RIGHT? Maybe he missed it, but Avenatti has a horrible track record when it comes to winning cases for his clients (or himself). We don’t call him the ‘Creepy P*rn Lawyer’ for nothing.

Avenatti released Juan’s statement:

You know what’s disgraceful, Michael? That anyone HIRES you. #BASTA


This went well.

It’s like Avenatti can’t get out of his own way.

Thank goodness. Ha!


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