There are a few words, phrases, and things that seem to set off Twitter’s ‘Terms of Service,’ (TOS) whether that’s getting suspended, locked, or contacted over concerns about ‘self-harm’.

And one of those ‘things’ is Tide because of all the morons who were eating Tide Pods. If you joke about someone eating a Tide Pod you will at least be locked if not suspended and apparently if you make a joke about drinking the boxed Tide wine you get a message about hurting yourself.

Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick learned this the hard way:

It’s silly but not surprising.

Twitter, amirite?

This is the email he received from Support:

Someone did report him for self-harm.

Aww, good times.

And now that outlets are starting to cover his ‘run-in’ with Twitter TOS he’s talking about moving to a cabin in the woods.

We hardly blame him.

It looks like boxed wine.

That being said, we still don’t really want to drink any of it.


The plot thickens!


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