The Left has taken great joy in pointing out that it was Republican Jeb Bush who appointed Brenda Snipes in Broward County. As if that somehow makes the blatant and obnoxious ‘cheating’ in the county a reflection of the Right.

Which is why we’re taking great joy today in sharing this tweet from the former governor.

Gosh, ya’ think? And wait, after the recounts? How about right now?!

Still, it’s good to finally see Bush step up and ‘say’ something.

Interestingly enough, the Left doesn’t get that Jeb calling for her removal is all the more impactful because he DID appoint her … look at their reaction.

That’s the point.


Actually, this is one of the times Jeb shouldn’t sit this one out.

Duh. We know – you all have been telling this for the last week.

Whatever bro.


Forget that it’s obvious Snipes has failed to comply with the law … their big takeaway from the tweet is still that he appointed her.



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