If you think God or some other divine entity punishes people who have different politics than you maybe just keep that nonsense to yourself and definitely do NOT tweet it out to thousands and thousands of people.

We’re not entirely sure what the heck Katie Hopkins was thinking with this tweet about the Malibu evacuations or why she thought it was appropriate.

People are dying. People are losing their homes.

And Katie thought it was a good time to make a comment like this?

Yeah, we don’t get it.

Probably a little bit of both, truth be told.

And sadly we’re seeing more and more of it.

Psh, this is 2018, man. Wouldn’t count on that anytime soon.

We seem to be forgetting this as a people.

It’s one thing to disagree with Californians and their politics, it’s quite another to imply that God himself is punishing these people because you don’t agree with them. This was really poor.

Be better.


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