Well then, Minnesota Democrats admitted they only believe certain women when it comes to #MeToo by electing Keith Ellison. Hey we get it, if you’re a Democrat you want to vote for the Democrat, but this guy is … awful.

Like awful, awful.

From the StarTribune:

Democratic U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison will be Minnesota’s next attorney general, defeating Republican Doug Wardlow after a bitter campaign marked by allegations of domestic abuse and an intense spotlight on both candidates’ pasts.

Ellison helped deliver the DFL Party a sweep of the statewide elected offices and was met by a raucous room of supporters chanting his name at the party’s election night celebration in St. Paul. Ellison acknowledged the difficulty of the race but said his campaign persevered thanks to his supporters.

“Every single day I will wake up and I will fight to protect the rights of all of us,” Ellison said.

Like he fought to protect the rights of his ex?

We don’t get it.

Then again, Minnesota was the only state not to vote for Reagan in that one election sooooo … who knows?

Michelle, we agree.

Not gonna lie, we’re a little disappointed in Minnesota as well BUT we always have hope.

Keith should send the media a bunch of thank you cards and cookies because they really covered for him.


Excellent point.



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