Good news white men, white women have become the newly chosen group to blame for any and all things people on the Left just can’t accept. We know, you guys have grown accustomed to being the one group that it’s acceptable to trash and make racist comments about but it’s time to step aside …

For example, take a gander at this sweetheart of a tweet from Samantha Bee writer, Travon Free:

White women did what white women do.

What is that, help their candidates win? Vote for their party?



Who let women vote? Especially the white ones!


Of course, what Travon is trying to do here is pretend that evil white men are telling their docile, stupid, and broken white women how to vote … which proves he doesn’t know any white conservative women. At all.

Aww, the soft sexism of low expectations.

Quiet you, he’s busy blaming white women.

The nerve.

It was impressively dumb.

We didn’t say it.

We read the tweet, laughed, and included it but we didn’t say it.

This ain’t rocket science you know.


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