Hey did you know that anyone who disagrees with the Women’s March is a troll?

Broads these days.

Yeah, that giant blue wave barely gave Democrats the House. Forget that most polls called this before the election and many on the Right had already accepted the odds were against them in the House, the Women’s March sure showed us!

How to laugh at them that is.

Ain’t no sandwich when sheeeee’s gone …

Sing with us.


We’re not sure this tweet worked out like she thought it would. What, women clean? That’s well sexist, right?

Gosh, that looks really red to us.


Last night this editor’s first thought was the new messaging we’re going to see from the Left is how the House is full of strong, empowered women fighting the sexist, evil, white men of the Senate.

Notice how we’re not seeing any props for Marsha Blackburn who became the first female senator of Tennessee.

Guess she’s the wrong party.

And cut off the crusts!



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