We interrupt the media’s daily preening, wailing, and victim-playing to share with you this lovely interview on MSNBC where Steve Schmidt blamed Mark Levin and other Conservative media types for the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.


We call attention specifically to Mark Levin as he is a Jewish man. Real smooth, MSNBC.

And seriously with this ‘blood on their hands’ rhetoric, media? Enough! Stop blaming people who had zero to do with it and start holding the monster who actually pulled the trigger accountable.

Less bloviating, more reporting.

But Trump.

Yes, this editor has made a personal goal of using that in at least ONE article every day because that’s how ridiculous the Left has become.


Huh, that’s sorta poetic. Nice.

Gonna guess he doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

Because they’re on the Left.



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