As Twitchy readers know, Julia Ioffe made an uber fool of herself on CNN yesterday babbling about how Trump has radicalized more people than ISIS ever did.

And Jake Tapper had a bunch of ‘clean up’ to do after the interview.

Or panel as he called it.

Awww, well that makes it ok then.

Oh, wait, nope.

Conservative journos DRAGGED Tapper for the ‘panel’:



We don’t see a ton of his straight-shooting from him on Twitter either, just sayin’. Now, to be fair, when compared to Jim Acosta and other CNN talking heads he’s definitely more centrist but that’s not exactly saying a whole lot.


Oh, she apologized for it eh? And it was a panel? Well then … *eye roll*

So neener neener.

No doubt.


But in this case not untrue.


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