At least Alyssa Milano isn’t upset about a bunch of Elves on the Shelves allegedly giving the Nazi salute this time.

Hey, the van seems to be total looney-tunes but you know what, at the end of the day it’s still just a van. *shrug*

A van that for whatever reason triggered this tweet:

All we can really make out is that CNN sucks, that there’s a swamp and something about youth soccer recruits.

Oh we get it, she is trying to make his van into a statement other than the obvious which is, ‘Holy crap, this guy didn’t get pulled over for having his windows covered up like this?’

Surely she was quick to condemn the words from Democrats who have been encouraging their side to hurt those they disagree with, yes? She understood those words mattered too?


But Trump.

It’s always Trump.

We’re going to guess those words DIDN’T matter.

Spartacus will never NOT be funny.

Probably making a commercial for Atkins.

Did we already say, ‘But Trump’?


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