The moment news broke that bomb suspect, Cesar Sayoc had been taken into custody many people INSTANTLY wanted to know what his political views are. The Left desperately wanted Sayoc to be a crazy Trump guy (which yikes, look at that van), and the Right was looking to see if this was a stunt pulled by a Democrat.

And people who aren’t completely enveloped politically were just relieved this a-hole had been caught.

At this point, we don’t really know for sure how Sayoc votes (if he can even vote) but no matter what we discover, there will be one type of messaging we see about him and Ben Shapiro summed it up perfectly.

Ben’s tweet is the BOMB. Wait, too soon?

And he’s spot freakin’ on

Interesting take.

That they deleted …

Isn’t that the truth?

Ben’s other take that we thought was pertinent:

And he was right – it’s INSANE on social platforms today and of course as usual, it’s all Trump’s fault.



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