Donald Trump tweeted about anger in America and the part mainstream media has played in it.

And as you can imagine this tweet brought out the crazy like nobody’s business. Luckily though, Lesley Abravanel (who we have never heard of but hey, she has a blue check so she matters or something) seems to have used her super secret investigatory skills to figure out who is behind the mail bombs.


Huh, we missed where investigators had actually discovered who was behind the stunt, and gosh, no matter how hard we search we’re not seeing any conclusions as of yet. Lesley must have some insider info …

That or she’s more than happy to play politics before she knows anything about what happened like most of our good, sweet, and delicate friends on the Left.

Hopefully, she’s alerted the FBI to this person’s whereabouts.

Maybe she’s psychic?

*psst … no*

But Trump?


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