Get yourself a big ol’ tub of popcorn and then watch Senator Chuck Grassley LIGHT THE MEDIA UP.

Seems Chuck has finally HAD ENOUGH.

He just needed to add in a, ‘Can I get a Hell Yeah,’ and he could’ve gone full Stone Cold Steve Austin.

We find it very telling how Grassley talks about protesters for and against Kavanaugh in his office, and that he noticed the media only wanted to interview those against him. When you see bias like this firsthand it is absolutely infuriating … clearly.

Chuck is PISSED.

And we love it.


This is such a great point, especially since Michelle Obama made such a big deal about ‘going high.’ Democrats have done the opposite by going lower than we ever thought possible, and their polls and numbers are proof that it’s not been a good thing for their so-called blue wave.

Look at this mess:



Man, Democrats did a really good job of dumbing down their base even further. We thought they were ignorant before, wow!

You know what? We. Can’t. Even.


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