Bette Midler learned a very tough lesson on Twitter, and that lesson IS if you’re going to quote something controversial don’t assume people will know it’s a quote especially if it deals in any way with the n-word.

She quoted John Lennon, likely as some ploy to pretend she’s edgy and fighting for the women’s movement against Kavanaugh or something (she was probably jelly because Amy Schumer got arrested at a protest yesterday) …

And HOLY HELL people lost their damn minds. Like seriously lost it.

She deleted it, so here’s a screenshot.

We’ve seen a lot of people get dragged on Twitter, it’s what we do, but WOW … this was dragging like we’ve never seen before. Heh.

We can’t either.


Welp, Better just totally nuked herself.

Took her a while to figure it out but she did finally apologize …

But it appears to have been too little too late.

Ooh, good point.

Wow Bette, this was ACES.

Tweets are forever. *shrug*


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