Admit it, one of the main things that stuck with you from Ford’s testimony was her voice.

It didn’t sound natural, right? Many people thought she was trying to sound younger and more innocent to persuade people to believe she is a victim. Now, considering we didn’t have any proof of her voice being altered for testimony we couldn’t say this for sure … but now there’s this:

Rush Limbaugh himself had issues with her voice …

From Rush Limbaugh:

You know, we had… I didn’t get to this yes. I had an audio sound bite. A Hollywood actress or an actress somewhere that I’ve never heard of did a video impersonation of Dr. Ford, and it was so spot on, and it was exactly… I noticed her speech pattern. Those of us whose profession involve the voice know very well the various vocal techniques that professional vocalizers use, and she used to a great effect what is called up talking or up-speaking, and that means to end every sentence on an up note.

But beyond even Rush, Ryan Saavedra spoke with someone who knew Ford years ago and according to them, that is not how she spoke.

To the source’s point her voice could have changed over time although usually, voices go deeper, not higher.

This whole thing has been so bizarre and horrible.

A couple decades you mean.

Pretty pose.


Fair point.

Oh, and have you guys seen THIS?! lol


Raise your hand if you’re ready for them to freakin’ vote already.


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