Earlier we said NBC was giving CNN a run for its money in being fairly gross with their coverage of Brett Kavanaugh.

We may have to take that back after watching CNN’s Alisyn Camerota’s ‘take’ on Kavanaugh allegedly throwing ice …


From newsbusters.org:

That, at least, was Camerota’s “logic” on New Day this morning. After John Avlon dismissed the alleged ice-throw incident as a “distraction” and “a degradation of the debate we’re having,” Camerota countered:

“I disagree. I think it’s part and parcel of the entire thing. I think that if you are known as a belligerent, mean, fighting drunk that’s relevant. I think that it’s relevant to then a woman who says that you would corner her and put your hand over her mouth, somehow that, I think, makes more sense than if you were just a fun drunk who always fell right asleep. Okay. So I think that it is relevant.”

She called him a belligerent, mean, fighting drunk.

You’ve GOTTA be sh*tting us.

We cover a lot of stupid because let’s face it, politics is stupid BUT the Kavanaugh news cycle has been the stupidest maybe ever. And that includes the Left’s constant tantrum since 2016.

Must be in the water.



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