It’s official.

The Kavanaugh news cycle is the worst.

Like literally and totally.

The worst.

Even for a site like Twitchy, where the majority of what we write is somewhat snarky, we are starting to lose our senses of humor about it all. We thought the Left was bad when it came to Trump, but we’ve never seen anything quite like what we’ve seen them try and do to Brett Kavanaugh.

Sean Davis perhaps summed up the ridiculousness of the Left’s attempts at taking Kavanaugh down …

What’s next, Lefties? Kavanaugh kicks puppies?

Wait, let’s not give them ANY ideas.

Hey, writing crappy jokes is this editor’s job!

We knew it! The monster.


Mental toilet bowl.

That’s oddly descriptive and correct, all in one.

Look out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you’ve got competition.

Sounds legit.

Hey, as legit as anything the Left has come up with.


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