The Daily Beast was so angry with Megyn Kelly for not believing Julie Swetnick that they wrote an article about her.

But in the article they got Swetnick’s story confused with Ramirez; normally we could excuse that with how crazy this news cycle has been but considering the article and the outlet? Not happening.

Seriously, how can they claim they believe women when they can’t even keep their stories straight?

From The Daily Beast:

NBC host Megyn Kelly fired off an incendiary series of tweets Monday night in which she not only trashed Julie Swetnick’s account of Brett Kavanaugh exposing himself to her, but also derided Swetnick for having not made a detailed, written contemporaneous account of Kavanaugh’s alleged abuse, as she said she did when harassed by Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

They still haven’t corrected it.

Nearly five hours now.


Is this really journalism?

We have our doubts.

True story.

And ‘huh’ indeed.

Silly, they don’t have time for the facts, they’re far too busy with the narrative.

We’ll keep an eye on the story and update should they bother to correct it … heh.


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