Welp, the FBI is investigating Kavanaugh.

Or Ford.

Or something … to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what the heck they have to investigate when Ford can’t remember when, where, or who when it comes to her allegations against Kavanaugh. NOT to mention her own witnesses deny and even contradict her.

But hey, Flake got attacked by two shrieking harpies in an elevator so here we are.

Byron York noticed something all too telling though with how the Kavanaugh fight is changing now that the FBI investigation is official:

From the Washington Examiner:

Kavanaugh has strongly and unequivocally denied the Ford allegation. The problem for Democrats is that there is no contemporaneous evidence to support Ford’s claim. By her own account, Ford told no one of what happened at the time. She told no one in the next few years. No one in the next few decades. No one for 30 years, until, in 2012, when Ford says she told her therapist what had happened to her long ago.

The people Ford claims were at the home where she says Kavanaugh attacked her, including one close friend of Ford’s, have said they have no memories that support her account.

So the Ford case is quite hard to make. And that is where, for Democrats, Kavanaugh’s supposed blackouts come in. With no contemporaneous evidence that the Ford attack happened, Democrats are trying to make the case that it could have happened. What if Kavanaugh got drunk, attacked Ford, and later didn’t remember that he did it?

Ah-HA! So that’s it. Kavanaugh doesn’t remember it because he was so drunk he blacked out … that must have been what happened to the other witnesses who contradicted Ford, right?

What he said.


Elizabeth Warren admitted as much in front of a crowd … this has always been about blocking Kavanaugh.

Not justice.

And certainly not about the truth.


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