Big Chief Shaky Fist, aka Elizabeth Warren, spoke in front of a large crowd, and after she gave Senator Jeff Flake huge props for pretending he cares about the crazy women who attacked him in the elevator, admitted the FBI investigation is and always has been about blocking Kavanaugh.


Of course, we knew that.

But to hear ol’ Liz admit it? Infuriating.

It was an opening to take Kavanaugh down.

Forget that they may well have ruined this man’s life and destroyed his family, at least they were able to play political games enough to perhaps stop him from being on SCOTUS. And they wonder why we don’t buy Ford’s conveniently timed allegations.

Democrats. *eye roll*

The NERVE of Kavanaugh being human.


Let’s recap, shall we?

  • Senate Democrats say they will vote against Kavanaugh several weeks before the hearings even begin.
  • Senate Democrats make total as*es of themselves during the hearing, especially Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker.
  • Senate Democrats see they won’t be able to stop Kavanaugh, so Dianne Feinstein lobs the Ford Hail Mary.
  • They spend weeks smearing Kavanaugh because for any number of reasons Ford can’t or won’t testify.
  • Finally, Ford agrees to testify. It’s … iffy.
  • Kavanaugh testifies and is visibly angry, Senate Dems claim this proves he doesn’t have the right temperament to be a judge.
  • Flake calls for FBI investigation.
  • Senate Dems already claiming it won’t be fair.
  • Rachel Mitchell releases analysis and memo blowing Ford’s testimony out of the water …
  • Now we see a video of Liz Warren admitting that their request for an FBI investigation was all about stalling Kavanaugh.

Ugh, this editor is tired just writing this all OUT.

Can we please get on with confirming this guy already? C’mon, it’s obvious what the Democrats have done here. #ConfirmKavanaugh


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