Robert J. O’Neill is a badass.

That goes without saying considering he is the guy who you know, actually killed Osama bin Laden? Yeah, that makes it official forever and always. We know, Democrats like to pretend that somehow it was Obama who got him but NOPE, O’Neill did.

We’re pretty sure Obama was playing cards.

Anyway, after spending weeks watching the Left sanctimoniously insist they believe survivors as a way to drag Kavanaugh, it would seem O’Neill himself got fed up with their BS and tweeted the following:


They believe survivors as long as said survivors benefit their narrative. Otherwise, they ignore and even try to shut them down.

Maybe they should just be honest and say, #BelieveConvenientSurvivors.

Remember when Hilldawg basically lost it while being questioned on Benghazi and the Left told us how brave and powerful she was? Notice Kavanaugh didn’t even really lose it, he just spoke passionately and defended himself and now we get to listen to them yammer on about how he’s got a bad temper?

Yes, Kris Paronto was suspended …

The crap is neverending.

We know, we know, evergreen.


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