Oh good, Alyssa Milano is attending the #KavanaughHearings so surely this is meant to be a serious hearing … said no one ever.

Talk about a circus, wow.

Color us not shocked.

Notice we didn’t make a, ‘Send in the clowns,’ joke.

Well, we sorta made the joke but not all the way.


Allow us to point out that Ford only just started testifying …

That was our point too.

But hey, whatever makes Alyssa feel like she’s making a difference and stuff.

She’s super-serio and deep these days, man.


Unless the girls in question have accused someone in her own party.

Wouldn’t count on it.

She is a Democrat …

That’s their newest talking point.


Wait, WHAT? Why did Dr. Ford correct her own letter during her testimony? #KavanaughHearings

She CAN’T BE serious! #KavanaughHearings just started and Dianne Feinstein is already desperately GRANDSTANDING

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