It has come to our attention that Beto O’Rourke doesn’t think Americans should be able to buy an AR-15.

We must have missed it in the Second Amendment where the Founding Fathers specified which firearms we are ‘allowed’ to have. Oh, wait, that’s because it was never about ‘allowing’ us to have anything, it was just acknowledging that we have the right to be armed.

Kassy Dillon disagreed with Beto in a very clever manner:

We beg to differ as well.

This, however, got the attention of a random troll; note, we typically do not cover randos but this tweet was just so bad and Kassy handled it so well … and here we are.

Huh? Sexist much?

We’re going to assume this fella has never actually met or dated an actual Conservative woman.

Laws of sexual attraction? For reals?

We got nothin’.

Atta girl.

True story, the first time this editor shot a handgun the instructor didn’t believe her when she said it was her first time. Perhaps there’s something to be said for a woman’s instinct to protect not only herself but her family … including her spouse.

All day that. ^



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