Tom Perez is full of it.

He’s a Democrat, that comes with the territory.

But c’mon, even a Democrat knows the only way they can get anyone to vote for them in the first place is if they scare the crap out of them. All we’ve seen since Trump was elected in 2016 is that REPUBLICANS ARE LITERALLY HITLER AND KILLING THE COUNTRY.

Not even making that up. Their latest BS is that confirming Kavanaugh will literally kill women because abortion and stuff. But you know, Tom has to try something we guess … and that Al Sharpton is pushing it?

HA HA HA HA HA, oh man.

This is too funny.


Poor Al.

He can’t get no ‘RESPICT’.


Dude, whoa now. Nobody lies as much as Al.

Except maybe Obama.

Good question.

Or at least from net neutrality.



Wait, didn’t they already try that whole ‘hope’ thing already?

At this rate they might as well run Hillary again, that would be just about as successful as this crap.


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