The next time a Lefty complains about how expensive health care or college is in this country you send them the RIDICULOUS GoFundMe account for Peter Strzok that’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and remind them that if morons have money to hand to a guy who got himself fired they have more than enough to pay for their own crap.

What an absolute disgrace Peter is …

But hey, at least he’s thankful for the dummies giving him their money.

Everyday citizens who make far less than Peter with shared American ideals.

And his GoFundMe is a way to fight for our country?



*eye roll*

Hey, if people like Justin want to throw their money away he should just set it on fire. At least he’d save on some fees.

American ideals and stuff though.

Hey, he sucks but ultimately it’s not his fault people are dumb enough to give him their money.

Tough crowd, Peter.


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